"Naked Chartwheels" Artist Statement

I used to wear a dress with no panties and do cartwheels that would shock my audience. My grandmother would feel embarrassed; however, as a child, I was blissed with the ignorance of how society would come to dictate my sexuality. 

Through my art I provoke issues that we as a society have ignored or accepted and seek to reveal the naked reality of how women are portrayed and altered by modern culture. Our society has become pornified, depicting a distorted female sexuality filled with stigma and controlled through censorship, political laws and myths. 
By teasing the boundaries between conservative views and oversexualized mass media, I question the morals of its consumption and its effect on female sexuality. When analyzing this separation between the real and artificial world, I find double standards that conflict with our morals and shapes our development and identity in a bizarre way. 
With my paintings, prints, and installations, I use fragments to create a larger picture that confronts and demands the viewers’ attention. However, some images are hidden from plain sight to expose provocative and sexual content, because what some might miss, I still notice. It’s my revenge because I’m still doing cartwheels.